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Hotel accommodation in Greater Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers a wide variety of hotel accommodation ranging from luxury 5 star hotels to very affordable budget hotels and hostels. With almost 37,000 hotel rooms in Greater Copenhagen, the city can easily accommodate delegates for even the largest events and congresses.

Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has around 20,000 rooms to meet every imaginable demand, wallet and taste.

Within a one-and-a-half hour drive of Copenhagen, you can find a total selection of almost 37,000 rooms when including the rest of the island and Malmø in Sweden.

Copenhagen offers a wide range of international hotel chains, such as Marriot, Rezidor and Crowne Plaza as well as a number of Danish, family-owned chains, featuring hotels in all categories.

70% of the hotels in Copenhagen are eco-labeled and all offer free Wi-Fi.

Expanding hotel capacity

Copenhagen's hotel capacity has expanded by more than 50% in the last 10 years.

17 new hotels are planned to open in Greater Copenhagen over the next four years with almost 5,000 new rooms in total bringing the total number of rooms close to 42,000.

New hotel rooms in Greater Copenhagen