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Job opportunities for your partner

Greater Copenhagen is always looking to add new international talent to its workforce.

Looking for two jobs instead of one?

Moving to a new country as an accompanying spouse is challenging. That is why International House Copenhagen offers courses and guidance free of charge.

As an accompanying spouse, your partner often has to start from scratch, finding new friends and a sense of belonging. International House Copenhagen is here to help, with anything from leisure tips and local hosts to career mentors.

Greater Copenhagen Career Portal

The brand new Greater Copenhagen Career Portal is a job-listing service specifically for internationals searching for a job in Greater Copenhagen.

If you are interested in direct job match-making service, you can sign up on the Career Portal and your CV and professional profile will get screened and matched with available positions

The Greater Copenhagen Career Portal and job match-making is administered by Copenhagen Capacity.

Greater Copenhagen Career Portal - greatercph.com/careers

International House Copenhagen

If your partner wishes to find employment in the area, the Copenhagen Career Programme at International House Copenhagen offers language courses, job seeking courses, information about mentorships and internships, and recognition of international qualifications. The organisation also offers a one-week course in English called ‘First Job Copenhagen’. Here newcomers are provided with general knowledge regarding job-seeking subjects, such as tools for job searching, work culture in Greater Copenhagen, LinkedIn and career counselling, making it smoother for them to become a part of the local work force.

Learn more about the free offers at International House Copenhagen.