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A helping hand with relocation

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming but fear not - the help is near

Moving to Greater Copenhagen requires guts, we’ll admit that. But don’t worry too much. Tens of thousands have done it before you, and very few have regretted it. In fact, most of them have stayed way longer than planned.

International House Copenhagen

Once you have decided to move to Greater Copenhagen, it’s time to start preparing. International House Copenhagen is ready to help you sort out all paperwork, find a job for you or your partner, and settle in in Copenhagen.

Q&A for EMA employees about Greater Copenhagen

Brochure: Q&A for EMA employees about Greater Copenhagen


We help your international staff settle in

Info sheet: We help your international staff settle in


Move to Denmark app

Move to DK-app

The mobile app ‘Move to DK’ is your guide to the process of relocating to Denmark. It offers a to do list for each of the three steps: Research, Preparation and Settling in. You will be asked to set up a personal profile with information such as your nationality, date of arrival and potential future home city.

The free app is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android in Google Play.

Download Move to DK on the App Store
Download Move to DK from Google Play