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International schools and daycare

Skoler, Schools, Schulen, Écoles

There are a growing number of international schools in Greater Copenhagen, including a European School with free access for permanent staff at the EMA. The school offers a multicultural and multilingual education for nursery, primary and secondary students.

The European School Copenhagen is an accredited school under the internationally acknowledged system of European Schools and it follows the curriculum International Baccalaureate.

The school is new and welcomed its first students and parents in august 2014. It is expected that all applicants from children of EMA staff to the European School Copenhagen will be accepted as the school will be fully opened in time for the possible arrival of EMA.

In addition to the European School, Copenhagen also offers a number of other international schools. Many of these schools have English as their primary language, while others teach primarily in German or French.

What childcare options do I have?

All young children in Denmark have the option of enrolment in a childcare centre. There is a variety of childcare options for children from 0-6 years of age. Each municipality determines its own overall goals and framework of childcare options.

Childcare/nursery in the Copenhagen area is about £ 400 a month with lunch and 330 £ without lunch. Pre-schools in the Copenhagen area are about 300 £ a month with lunch and 240£ without lunch.

International House Copenhagen offers guidance and lists of international schools and daycare institutions.