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Helping food and agricultural producers limit human errors, increase business, reduce manual labour and labour costs. We call it analytics beyond measure.

If you enjoy designing and building things with creative colleagues, this is the place to be. We create software for analytical instruments that measure important parameters in food, where software plays a bigger and bigger role.

In a global world with a growing population, there is an ever-increasing demand for safer food and less food waste. Our analysis instruments refine measurements into information management that enables businesses to run intelligent data-driven productions with less waste and bigger yields. From raw material to finished product. Today FOSS employs more than 1350 people working all over the world and is the global market leader in producing analytical instruments for the global food and agricultural sectors.

When the most valuable resource is data

What is vital to successful food and agricultural production and doesn't require feed, water or sun? Data.
Software plays an increasingly larger role when we create analytical instruments and we are now more than 100 SW developers and 1/3 of our colleagues working in FOSS in Denmark work in R&D

FOSS has worked for many years with Big Data, artificial intelligence and global connectivity. Software moves to the cloud, instruments connect via the Internet in global networks. A production building is no longer its own closed system. Not only mobile phones, but also production equipment and measurement systems, go online and are managed centrally. The need for automatic process monitoring increases along with traceability and with that, more intelligent use of analytical data. All this requires software

This is why data is a very valuable resource in the future. Our team use a high degree of web-enabled solutions working with user experience and interactions, database, web & PC apps, embedded SW and Linux. Among other, we use Microsoft tools in an agile development process. FOSS is the global market leader and by joining our company, you can directly influence the global food industry towards higher food safety, consistent quality and less food waste.

We solve things together in cross-functional teams in an open-minded, informal and collegial spirit.

Benefits include:

  • Inspiring career opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Lunch, fruit servings, coffee etc.
  • Social events, Friday bar and gatherings with colleagues
  • Gym facilities, yoga classes, mountain bike-, golf-, running clubs etc
  • Informal work environment with a high degree of individual influence