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KMD is one of Denmark's leading IT and software companies. Specialists in IT solutions and services for the public and private sector.


KMD is among Denmark's largest IT companies. The KMD Group has over 3,000 employees in Denmark, at offices on Zealand and Funen, and in Jutland. In total, the KMD Group has around 3,500 employees, including our subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden and Poland. We have around 1,000 employees working on our proprietary software development.

Most of KMD's business originates from our own software development and we develop, deliver and operate IT solutions for municipalities and the State, and for private companies and organizations. We consider ourselves to be responsible for contributing initiatives and solutions to support and develop Denmark's welfare. The public sector faces some considerable challenges: fewer hands need to help more citizens and budgets need to be stretched even further.

Our activities in the business market are increasing strongly and today this is the company's largest growth area. KMD now has around 800 Danish and international companies as customers. KMD has a large number of services that are offered to private companies and organizations.

Welcome to our R&D division!

We’re a brand-new software development division where around 500 employees work on a product portfolio that affects millions of people every day. Our public and private sector products touch citizens’ lives from the cradle to the grave, making them wealthier and more secure. We have technology at heart, follow our curiosity and test the limits of emerging and leading-edge technologies.

R&D people are technology frontrunners obsessed with making R&D a success. And they enjoy a great degree of freedom to think, act and create. Our Chief R&D Officer, Martin Larsen, puts it short and simple: ‘The more responsibility and empowerment you give people, the better products you get in the end’.

R&D exists to keep ahead of the technological development. To gain insight and inspiration and to understand what our customers’ needs will be in the future. That’s why we’re always looking for and testing new technologies to improve our products for our customers, moving towards a continuous improvement setup.

In the R&D Division, you’ll develop amazing products using leading-edge technology in a fast and agile work environment. You’ll be teamed up with talented and passionate people like yourself – to guarantee that you’ll never get bored and will keep on developing your skills day after day. We promise you a journey unlike any other, and a team that gives you the tools to reach higher and to push technology further.