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move innovation

Move innovation is a team of enthusiasts who work in a mechatronic company that develops, test and produce electronic-based devices.

Move Innovation holds great expertise in developing products and focusing on innovative and mechatronic solutions. We are specialists in developing apparatuses and components and in working with diverse projects. We manage projects from the initial idea to the final product, serve as and offer expertise as consultants.

We have established our product development in a number of agile processes that ensure efficient development in the shortest possible time. The goal is to achieve a useful result as soon as possible, but still ensuring that the quality is high. Move Innovation provides design, development, production and service of products. This applies to the discovery of a need until the finished product is ready - in the form of a component, device or solution. Afterwards we can make sure to produce and/or maintain and upgrade the products.

At Move Innovation, we are a team of engineers who collaborate as we progress in our development processes. We support the customer from start to finish. As we have a flat organizational structure, it means that  all employees are self-governing and are given great responsibility. In addition, cooperation with colleagues and with customers is a very important part of our daily life. The work is varied and unpredictable, creating a dynamic and exciting working environment. There is room for ideas and ambitions, as well as learning something new and challenging professional skills.