CV Guidance and Templates

Get the basics right when writing your CV/resume.

Your CV should be used to showcase your previous experience and skills, while the purpose of your cover letter is to show the recruiter how you, based on your educational background, work experience and interest/personality/professional competencies, can contribute to the position you are applying for.

We have created two different CV templates for you, please choose the one that fits your level of experience;

The Functional CV

Non- or very little experience (e.g. recent graduates)

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The Chronological CV

Some experience

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Extended Business Card / Mini CV

For any level of experience.

 Recommended to use as handouts at Career Fairs and other networking events. (A6 format)

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When downloading and using the template, please remember to remove all the guidance text in red and insert your own picture. Also, the example text that is in black should be personalized towards your own profile. When writing your CV/resume, keep in mind that you only have 10-15 seconds to catch the recruiters attention. Therefore, keep your CV neat and structure;, make it easy for the recruiter reading your CV to get an overview of your skills and experience.

When highlighting your professional qualifications and competencies, start by stating your most recent work experience and continue in chronological order.

How much information you choose to include about your tasks, responsibilities and accomplishments are up to you, just keep in mind that the information you include should be relevant for the job you are applying for.

Meaning that if you are to apply for a specific job, you need to customize your CV every time. By customizing, we don’t mean completely redoing your CV, but rather updating the skills and profile section to match what the company is looking for. By customizing your CV, you will provide the recruiter with the information he/she needs/are looking for and increase your chances of being picked out by the recruiter and put in the yes pile rather than the no pile.