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Science to business

Greater Copenhagen is among Europe's leading science cities. The region is home to numerous world-class research environments.

Research provides solutions to many of today’s global societal challenges, like creating new types of treatment targeting diseases such as cancer, obesity and diabetes that are spreading globally. Research relates to the development and design of the sustainable energy systems of the future, and it provides fresh methods and insights that can help us reap the benefits of new digital technologies and products.

At the same time, companies and investors are continuously seeking to strengthen their international positions in the face of intense competition. They are all looking to gain access to the latest cutting-edge science and technology that can prove crucial to the development of new products, services or business models.

In Greater Copenhagen, we turn science into business. Here, research, business, talent and life experience come together, shortening the distance from idea to solution.

Greater Copenhagen is the area where research and business development go hand in hand. We use close collaboration and open dialogue to encourage and foster new, smarter ways to achieve excellent results. That’s how we create ground-breaking research and nurture global market leaders.

Learn why Greater Copenhagen is among Europe's leading science cities: Download the official Food, Fermentation & Ingredients business brief

Greater Copenhagen - Science ecosystem

Collaboration is our most powerful tool

We challenge conventions because we’re driven by innovation and new ways of thinking. We bring young talent, professors and business professionals together to create a melting pot of ideas and solutions – because everyone recognises the power of cooperation and exchanging knowledge.

Danish society is based on equality, openness and trust. We have always nurtured easy access to talent, new perspectives and creative ways of working together, which enables science, research, business and life experience to co-exist and inspire one another. This, combined with the density and effective infrastructure of Greater Copenhagen, shortens the road from idea to solution. It’s a unique equation that makes our ideas work, create an impact and grow into something that genuinely makes a difference.

Partnerships across business, academia and the public sector

Greater Copenhagen science cities facilitate partnerships, networks and close collaboration between businesses, the public sector and the leading scientists and talented students of our universities. This triad fosters innovative research and applied science with great business potential in areas such as life sciences, green energy, acoustics, quantum technology, IT and Big Data.

Our collaborative approach allows start-ups to thrive and focus, it allows established businesses to benefit from the agile development environment, and it allows talent to be both challenged and satisfied.