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Collaboration - The Nordic recipe for success

Collaboration plays a key role in many of the innovative solutions that the Danish food cluster has provided for some of the world’s most complex food-related problems.

Greater Copenhagen has a long-standing tradition for efficient public-private partnerships. This tradition for collaboration has always characterised the food industry in Denmark. The ability to be innovative and to collaborate across companies, customers, scientists, public institutions – and even market competitors – has defined the shape of today’s industry and the products that led it here.

In Greater Copenhagen, this unique approach has proved that collaboration is truly a recipe for success. The strong ties between leading universities and companies give organisations within the Danish food cluster an exceptional opportunity to test and market their products at an early stage.

This is an important prerequisite for the development of innovative and internationally competitive food solutions. The ability to realise this potential is secured by a well-established framework for collaboration between public researchers, clinicians and private players across the entire research value chain. Businesses can find these frameworks in Greater Copenhagen.

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Openness and trust

In the Greater Copenhagen Danish food and ingredients industry, representatives from public authorities and food producers have a positive effect on the entire industry, with openness and trust being keywords regarding innovation.

Job satisfaction

Denmark ranks second in the world in job satisfaction and has a high level of trust between employer and employee. Our informal way of working creates the ideal conditions for fostering innovation in the food cluster, as everyone from the skilled farmer to the college graduated enzyme scientist are encouraged to bring their ideas to the table.