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Whether you are an expert on mobile platforms, consoles and AAA titles, online casual games and MMOs or gaming middleware, there is a place for you - and that place is called Greater Copenhagen

Take a look at what’s waiting you in Greater Copenhagen – we look forward to welcoming you...

The Greater Copenhagen way of working is...

Meet Sam. Sam is a Game Developer working at SYBO, a games company in Greater Copenhagen.

Hear how the special way of working in Copenhagen is of a much more collaborative nature, where you can really feel that your contribution at work are going to be listened to by all levels of the company.

This teamwork approach and then, of course, the biking culture are some of the things that make Copenhagen special.

Quote about the Greater Copenhagen Games Industry

I cannot emphasise enough how valuable it is to operate in a country where English is so second nature. Frankly, the level of English ability is so good I often forget I am not living in a country where this is the first languange.

- Omar Shaikh | CEO & founder, COCOA Invest

Hub for mobile games

The games industry in Greater Copenhagen is made up of many, very different developers, representing the whole range of game development.

Approximately 47% of developers are primarily focused om mobile platforms.

30% work on consoles and AAA titles, and some 15% work on online casual games and MMOs.

Gaming middleware and service providers account for the remainder.

Fun fact about Greater Copenhagen

Did you know?

The popular game engine Unity3d was born in a basement in the working-class neighbourhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Quote about the Greater Copenhagen Games Industry

The Copenhagen way of working is all about making work into pleasure.

- Natalia Rebrova | UI Artist, SYBO

Beer, breakfast and buddies

Work in Greater Copenhagen is so much more than working. People very often have breakfast and lunch together and share a beer after work, and companies usually arrange summer and Christmas parties, soccer games and other activities that make your colleagues more than just people you share an office space with.

The games industry also offers a unique environment for networking and cooperation. With most developers focusing on the international market, they are generally open to exchanging information and ideas.

Moreover, local organisations such as Interactive Denmark and DADIU often set up events, talks and game jams, where you can meet other professional developers and talk about your newest experiments – or just hang out and have fun.

Greater Copenhagen's games industry is very well connected with networks across companies