Greater Copenhagen Innovation Tours

We invite NewsXchange delegates in Copenhagen to get a tour of green, smart and creative Greater Copenhagen. Experience world-leading smart city solutions and meet rising Danish media startups, pushing new ways to collaborate, publish and create content.

Sign up if you want to experience some of the world’s leading innovation beacons, shaping the world of tomorrow, and see why Copenhagen has earned its reputation as one of the greenest, smartest and most creative and liveable cities.

It is free to join, but registration is on a first come, first served basis, and space is limited.

We look forward to showing you around!

29 November 12:00 – 18:00

Innovation through Living Labs – building smarter cities

If you want to know why Greater Copenhagen is named one of the world’s smartest cities, join this tour. We will start at the Copenhagen Solutions Lab in the heart of Copenhagen; a public-private collaboration showcasing the latest smart city solutions based on Big Data and IoT technologies.

Together with innovative companies and startups, the Lab is testing and implementing intelligent transportation solutions, smart parking, water and waste management, sensors providing real time data on, for example, traffic situations in the city, and a new Big Data Digital Infrastructure Platform, sharing data across public and private sectors.

Next stop is The Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab, DOLL, which is Europe’s largest test-field for intelligent lighting, where more than 50 global companies are testing novel smart urban lighting solutions.

Intelligent lighting is the streets' answer to the smartphone with motion detection, video feeds and environmental sensors. We will get a guided tour of the living lab which is testing solutions such as the ultra fast wireless communication technology LI-FI, luminaires able to detect traffic accidents, and miniature pollution detectors.

Innovation through Living Labs

You will meet both established smart city companies such as Cisco and new startups.

By the end of the day, you will know much more about the important role of living labs and public-private collaboration in developing smart cities, and why Copenhagen is a leader in smart city solutions; a global market in steep growth as climate change and increasing urbanisation is putting an enormous pressure on traffic, infrastructure, sustainability ambitions as well as the liveability in cities.

Innovation through Living Labs

2 December 10:00 – 17:00

Copenhagen’s media startup community – disruptive innovation

Copenhagen’s tech startup scene is booming. If you want to experience it first hand, join this tour.

First stop is a visit to the Danish media startup Zetland, who has developed a new business model for cutting through the hectic news hubbub.

The startup offers journalistic live performances in unconventional settings such as the theatre, and daily well-researched online long-reads focusing on hot current topics.

At Zetland, we will also invite you to join a short panel debate about new media and blogging.

Later, we will visit the Nordics' largest co-working space for tech startups, the Rainmaking Loft.

Copenhagen Start-up Community

You will meet and get to talk to a handful of Greater Copenhagen’s tech and media startups such as Mandag Morgen, Sponsta, Linkfire, ClickACrew and Point of View International (POV), who will present their solutions and discuss how large media companies can create new solutions and disrupt rather than being disrupted by collaborating with startups.

Get inspired by the Danish tech startups who transform the media industry by innovating and building new digital solutions.

This tour also includes a true treat for foodies. For lunch, we will go to Copenhagen Street Food at the upcoming island of Copenhagen, the Paper Island, which has 35 food stalls, food trucks and containers serving everything from traditional Danish smørrebrød (open sandwiches) to world food and vegan cuisine.

Copenhagen start-up community

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