About Greater Copenhagen

Together for economic growth and development


Greater Copenhagen is a collaborative organisation promoting growth and development in the largest Nordic metropolitan region, encompassing 4.4 million citizens in Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark. Through alliances and pilot projects we are building the foundation for future growth and welfare. Our goal is clear: Greater Copenhagen will be a global hub for growth, sustainable solutions and innovation.

Our work to achieve this goal is anchored in partnerships, which we see as the key to development and innovation in Greater Copenhagen’s 85 municipalities and 4 regions. We promote cooperation between our members and create alliances at both the regional and international levels, connecting knowledge hubs, businesses and public institutions.

Climate change, pandemics and global economic crises pose a serious threat to growth and welfare in any metropolis. However, at Greater Copenhagen we also see opportunity in these challenges, because the region has huge potential for growth and development by embracing sustainability and green solutions.

Some challenges we solve independently through pilot projects intended to pave the way for innovation and new development opportunities. Other tasks are tackled through alliances and cooperation with external partners from the business and public sectors.

Greater Copenhagen’s efforts are directed at 5 key areas, which are essential to the framework for our future growth and welfare:

Green Transition

Labour market



Life Science

Greater Copenhagen was founded in 2015 and includes Region Skåne, Region Halland, Region Hovedstaden, Region Sjælland and all 85 Danish and Swedish municipalities in the region.

Greater Copenhagen’s Board

Greater Copenhagen’s activities are led by the organisation’s political Board, The Greater Copenhagen Committee, with 18 representatives for the organisation’s 89 member organisations.

The Committee is led by:

Carl Johan Sonesson

Chairman of
the Regional Council
Region Skåne


Mikaela Waltersson

Chairman of
the Regional Council
Region Halland

Vice Chairman

Sophie Hæstrup

Chairman of
the Regional Council
The Capital Region of Denmark

Vice Chairman

Niels Hörup

KKR Zealand

Vice Chairman

The other members of the Board are:

Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh


Lars Weiss

Lord Mayor

Steen Christiansen


Peter Danielsson


Heino Knudsen

Chairman of
the Regional Council
Region Zealand

Henrik Fritzon

Member of
the Regional Council
Region Skåne

Martin Geertsen

Member of
the Regional Council
The Capital Region of Denmark

Evan Lynnerup

Member of
the Regional Council
Region Zealand

Peter Johansson


Karsten Søndergaard


Carsten Rasmussen


Patric Åberg

Skånes kommuner

Philip Sandberg


Mikael Rubin


*Membership of Greater Copenhagen’s Committee rotates in Skåne between the municipalities Landskrona, Trelleborg and Hässleholm.

Greater Copenhagen’s Secretariat

Greater Copenhagen’s Secretariat develops, coordinates and implements the organisation’s initiatives. The Secretariat is located in Inner Copenhagen and led by Managing Director Tue David Bak.

Tue David Bak

Managing Director

Phone: +45 23 30 25 35

Signe Rubenhagen

Chief Advisor

Phone: +45 30 56 73 65

Christian Hørdum Andersen

Senior Advisor, Communication

Phone: +45 28 22 25 50

Anna Engblom

Senior Advisor

Phone: +45 53 60 65 64

Nicolai Vædele

Greater Copenhagen Green

Phone: +45 21 37 19 89

Kate Plaskonis


Phone: +45 31 19 65 64

Denise Nilsson

Junior Advisor

Phone: +46 724 64 06 33

Ylva Hansson

Communication Assistant

Tlf: +45 31 34 57 84

Nadine Kimak

Intern, Infrastructure

E-mail: nak@greatercph.com

Irene Veje Rønsbo

Advisor Communication

Phone: +45 31 70 54 60
E-mail: irv@greatercph.com