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A number of organisations are ready to assist you if you want to work or study in Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen Career Portal

Jobs in Greater Copenhagen

The Greater Copenhagen Career Portal is a job-listing service specifically for internationals interested in pursuing a career in Greater Copenhagen. If you are interested in direct job match-making service, you can sign up on the Career Portal and your CV and professional profile will get screened and matched with available positions

Copenhagen Airport

International House Copenhagen

International House Copenhagen is a public-private partnership that provides international citizens the best possible start to life in Greater Copenhagen. Providing a one-point entry for international citizens, International House Copenhagen readily assists  with everything from paperwork to practicalities; ensuring that things run smoothly from the very first day in Greater Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is the most liveable city in the world

Three times, Copenhagen has won the prestigious title as the world’s most liveable city awarded by the international magazine Monocle.

Biking Greater Copenhagen

Work in Denmark

Work in Denmark is a public employment service for highly qualified international candidates looking for a job in Denmark as well as for Danish companies searching for talented foreign employees. The three Work in Denmark centres, located in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, offer a range of recruitment services to employers as well as information and guidance to jobseekers living and working in Denmark.

Most bike-friendly city in the world

- Copenhagenize Index 2015 by Copenhagen Design Co. and Wired Magazine

Jobs in Greater Copenhagen

Study in Denmark is a Danish government website offering information on higher education in Denmark to international students. Whether it is for just one semester or for an entire degree, this website aims to provide information and to answer the questions that arise when moving to Denmark as a student. On the website, you will find various academic and practical information about studying, living and working in Denmark as a student.

Bikes in Greater Copenhagen

Biking - A way of life!

Come feel the wind in your hair in Greater Copenhagen and experience a place where biking is not simply a means of transportation - it is our way of life!