Greater Copenhagen Campaigns

The AI magic is in Copenhagen - Fuel your AI business here

Join the Greater Copenhagen AI community and become part of the world-leading and most future-ready AI environment located in Europe's most digital region.

Learn why the most livesable city in the world also is the ideal game studio location

Greater Copenhagen's game industry has been exceling the last couple of years with several leading AAA development studios estableshing themselves in the region. Why not join the rising hub?

Find out why the happiest place in the world also is packed with open tech jobs and career opportunities

Greater Copenhagen is becoming an emerging hub within the tech industry with world-leading companies bringing cutting-edge technology and open jobs along. Check out the open positions here and take your career to a new level.

The best place to innovate and commercialise your Cleantech solution

Greater Copenhagen has the best infrastructure, environment and ecosystem anywhere in the world for fostering and commercialising cleantech innovation, and supporting the growth of cleantech companies.

Find your next Life Science job in Greater Copenhagen

Turns out that the happiest place in the world also has a world-class research environment, an innovative and vibrant life science cluster, efficient infrastructure and the world's best work-life balance.

Greater Copenhagen is a growing hotspot within global logistics

Expand your logistics and supply chain business in Europe and beyond

Greater Copenhagen is a growing hotspot for global logistics with many leading global logistics companies, large infrastructure investment opportunities and excellent local and intercontinental connectivity.

Learn more about the Danish food cluster and how our innovative solutions to life can benefit your production of healthy and sustainable food

Our food cluster is built on the Nordic tradition of collaboration and happiness which brings some of the most innovative solutions to life for the benefit of the world’s production of healthy and sustainable foods.

Life as an engineer in Greater Copenhagen

The job market in Greater Copenhagen is very attractive to engineers, with high salaries, attractive benefit packages and good opportunities for career advancement all waiting for the right candidates.

Learn about the superior combination of the key factors needed that Greater Copenhagen offers HealthTech companies

Find out why the happiest place in the world also shape the rise of the new HealthTech industry by converging life science and tech. Maybe you will find that our way of doing business in Greater Copenhagen is the way for your company too!

Tech Talent background image

Come to Greater Copenhagen and join our vibrant startup community

Find out why the happiest place in the world also fosters successful business from a record hot startup scene that will fuel your career.

Copenhagen offers the most optimal conditions for the European Medicines Agency

Find out why Copenhagen is a pretty good fit for the Agency and learn about our "plug and play" solution which ensures continuity from day one.

Greater Copenhagen offers optimal conditions for asset management businesses looking to relocate

Find out how you can get the most out of Copenhagen’s strong asset management tradition in our business profile Consider Copenhagen.

Welcome to Greater Copenhagen Fintech

Learn all you need about fintech business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen

Find out why the happiest place on the planet is a great location for your business. Learn how the fast growing fintech hub in Greater Copenhagen can benefit you.

The Codenhagen Challenge

Put your coding skills to the test. Gimmick as part of our tech recruitment campaign to promote Greater Copenhagen as an attractive tech career destination.

A fintech state of mind

Open jobs in Greater Copenhagen's Fintech Industry

Find out why the happiest place on the planet also creates challenges for ambitious talents. Maybe you will find that our way of working in Greater Copenhagen's fintech industry could work for you too!