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We are 2021.AI: We bring AI to every corner of any organization across the globe

2021.AI is an advanced technology company delivering next generation technology to a range of different organizations. Our mission is to ensure that any organization can apply AI technology to continuously extract new insights and value from data. Moreover, we aim to offer any organization help in working with algorithms and Machine Learning through our Grace AI platform, offering to extract business value in the simplest, most intuitive, and user-friendly way.

As a company we are global by heart and have employees all over the world. Our main teams are located in Copenhagen, Kyiv and Warsaw, with our headquarter placed in Copenhagen. We have created several partnerships, as we believe in unique cross-functional competencies, working with some of the greatest companies within technology and consulting around the globe, and we are constantly looking for smart, driven people to join our fast-paced and forward-thinking team of engaged employees.

Our main tasks are within the field of Data Science, as our main goal is to help companies with the implementation of AI. Thus, we work with data ingestions, model training, deployment, and model lifecycle functionality like monitoring and retraining. Also, we lead our clients throughout their AI journey:

  • From initial AI opportunity mapping,
  • to development and implementation of models,
  • offering full lifecycle support in our Grace AI platform.

We are constantly working to develop our Grace AI platform and assure its functionality. The vision for Grace, is to create an environment where Data Scientist can work with their algorithms in the cloud, without having to worry about scalability and deployment. 

If you believe you can contribute to our fast-phased growth, are interested in working with AI and find the above description interesting, please take a look at our open positions below.