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We are a colorful cocktail of thinkers, designers and engineers — shaken with passion and powers to push forward. Abtion builds software that works and makes every days life better, easier and more fun. We turn vision into strategy, design the complete experience and build the final product.


Our engineers and focus on technology is what sets us apart. We don’t think impossible, we think possible and encourage improvement. Nothing is too hard. Our approach is human-centered. We don’t just do pretty, we design strategic and business oriented — and with purpose. Just because something is smart from a technological point of view, it is not necessarily what creates the best experience for the user. We make decisions based on user insights and data.


  • Ruby — on and off Rails,
  • JavaScript — Node, React, Vue, etc.
  • iOS — Swift, React native
  • PHP — Laravel, WordPress,
  • Android —Java, React native.


Abtion is not another digital agency. We build products and services that roots in the hearts of the businesses we work with. It’s products that reduces complexity and improves efficiency. It’s services that connects companies with their customers and drive loyalty because they add value. In short it is: VR and AR, Mobile Apps, Web apps, IoT, Machine learning, AI and bots.

Founded in 2009, Abtion employs a diverse group of curious, dedicated and aspiring people based in our offices in Copenhagen and Odense. We are always looking for talented team members and push our ambitions forward.