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NapNok Games

NAPNOK GAMES is an award-winning studio on a continuing mission to reinvent social play. Currently, we’re 50+ diverse, multi-national, multi-talented, crazies. Right now we are finishing up Frantics, a deeply social and wacky party game spearheading Sony’s PlayLink initiative for PS4, and we have multiple exciting console projects in the pipeline that we are hiring against. We mix the best upcoming talent with leading industry veterans.

Crazy about groundbreaking local multiplayer? Bleeding edge hardware and brand new interfaces? 

The reinvention of social play is our thing. What’s yours?

We are an eight year old independent game studio located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark and with offices in Skopje, Macedonia and, soon, in Prague, Czech Republic. Our mission is to create groundbreaking local/ social multiplayer games driven by novel interfaces and new technologies.

  • We believe in making games where players interact directly with each other, not just a TV screen.
  • We believe in exploring new technologies to discover unique design spaces, not just refining old habits.
  • We believe in creating games that leak out into a player’s reality, not solitary games you get sucked into while forgetting time and space.
  • We believe these principles are too important to only reach a niche audience. We’re here to shape the future of play for everyone.

 What do you believe?

About us

We are looking for key talent to join us and help create groundbreaking local social experiences. We promise work on cutting edge technologies, really hard problems, and a fantastic team of brainiacs to learn from/ with.

We’re not quite Indie anymore. We’re not ‘AAA’ either. We’re NAPNOK

What NapNokers’ say about working at NAPNOK?

  • “Everyone's got a say.”
  • “Relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the office.”
  • “We work on projects that we actually have fun creating.”
  • “We're considered a pretty cool company.”
  • “You don't just work with your co-workers, they also become your friends.”