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We conceived, built and operate Kapio – a disruptive SaaS solution created specifically to meet the needs of the construction sector and its stakeholders. Our team have proven experience and is drawn from the worlds of IT and construction. Kapio is a multi-lingual, real-time, data reporting platform. The intuitive interface is browser-based – nothing to install. It enables construction projects to ditch their clunky spreadsheet and paper-based reports. Drag and drop templates get accurate information across the project in a click.

Most people on the planet don’t live and work in Denmark.  And even fewer work for us.  So why would you?

OK, so we’re building a completely new IT product for an industry that falls behind IT integration further than just about every other industry.  We’ve struggled to find any competitor that does what we do and this makes it quite a challenge because our customers have nothing to compare us to.  We have so much functionality still to build but already we have more functionality than our customers expect.

Add to this, the fact that almost every construction project on the planet is unique and our product needs to fit better than bespoke.  Security matters and our bench mark is to protect a government’s nuclear facility.  Our customers can be almost anywhere on the planet, in any time zone and will normally be part of a multi-lingual, multi-cultural team.  Today, they’re working on a laptop; tomorrow, it’ll be via a smart phone.

But what about the job itself?

The construction industry is our main customer base.  It is a massive market worth an estimated US$10 trillion every year.  But despite employing 7% of the worlds working population, the industry has had low productivity stagnation for almost 40 years.  Other than agriculture, construction is the last industry to embrace the efficiencies that we know IT can deliver.  So the opportunity is immense.

For years, the systems that could really make a difference were difficult to make viable because of the challenges with mobile data accessibility and the cost, weight and fragility of hardware. Training for a large and mostly transient population made the price burden too heavy.  And simply, the complex databases needed really simple interfaces and that was just too challenging to produce well.

Today, all these barriers to entry have been crushed.  Almost every construction worker or manager carries a smartphone and is able to connect to a network.  The technology to make really slick interfaces fit seamlessly with complex databases is out there.  And the industry is aware of its need for change.  People, our stars have aligned!

Can I have a say in the way the product is developed?

Kapio is a young product and there is room for you to influence its future.  You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with our company’s senior managers, every day – after all, we all eat lunch together, most days.  If your idea makes good sense, it’ll be incorporated.

Our developers are the heart of our operation.  Every other function is there to support them and our customers.  Our construction guys will drop by and describe all manner of industry horrors and we create functionality to eliminate the problem or reduce the risk to the construction project – remembering that every project will be unique.  Efficiency savings for the industry can be many millions, so it’s important we get it right.

Occasionally, our developers’ programming skills will be pushed to meet tight deadlines whilst achieving bug-free code.  Generally though, we set-out a pre-agreed timetable, before coding starts.  Developers might be working as part of a small team on large functionality or left to write great code flying solo.

For all our people, working hours are quite flexible.  As long as the job is being done, we’re quite relaxed about the time you arrive and depart – so never worry about being late if you miss your bus.  Just get here safely and grab a coffee.  Nobody produces great work loaded up with stress.

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