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Plant Jammer

We bring AI into home cooking with a web app, powered by our own created database. is a co-pilot in your kitchen that lets you create your own plant-based meal guided by an AI generated flavour map, making it easy and enjoyable to do vegetarian home cooking. With Plant Jammer you get an easy cooking experience, yet customized for your fridge and your preferences. No need to follow recipes anymore.

We are based on values, and want to make the world a better place by making 1 bn people eat plant-based and be better connected with the food chain. When we eat plants rather than meat we reduce our CO2 footprint by 90%. But cooking without meat is a difficult change of habit. Changing cooking habits with recipes is cumbersome: Google has 1.5 mn recipes w. squash – how to match that with your fridge content and preferences?  We work hard (and fun) to make it easy to change cooking habits for the better.