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TeQflo means Smart Tech Flowing and was founded late 2017. We help midsize and young growth companies Grow, Improve and Change through consultancy and IT services

We see Digitalisation as the intersection of technology and human behavior. It is not only about IT and technology (though it need to work well) anymore. It's about the persons using the technology and how they interact with technology and how organisations handle change. 

TeQflo is a small but growing company having seen great traction in the market. If there's a mutual match between us we'd love to connect. Let's have coffee or lunch and get started getting to know each other.

TeQflo is about the vision to create a great company, both for our customers and employees. We offer a mix of benefits, perks and a fulfilling way to organise.

Benefits and perks:

  • Well crafted Incentive program
  • Work tools for success and development
  • Wholeness in life and work
  • The journey building a great company 

In leadership we strive to achieve 3 principles organising:

  • Self management
  • Wholeness
  • Evolutionary purpose