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Xena Networks

Xena Networks is a global top-3 vendor of Ethernet traffic generation and analysis solutions.

The company was founded in 2007 on the simple premise that there was space in the market for a company that could deliver reliable, accurate Ethernet traffic generation and analysis solutions at a very affordable price-point. Since then Xena has won multiple global awards for price/performance and technical innovation, and today we have offices in USA, Europe, India & China. Our customers include some of the world’s biggest Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs), telcos & ISPs, semiconductor vendors, governments, research organizations and more, and we are currently releasing a series of new products that will further accelerate the company's expansion.


Joining Xena will mean working with a team of talented IT professionals organized in a flat hierarchy, where results are important but so is a sensible work/life balance. We all strive to contribute to a happy and positive work environment, where differences are respected, and we do what we can to help each other succeed. 

Benefits include a great canteen, flexible hours, and regular social activities with colleagues. We work in an attractive, modern office environment with plenty of free parking, close to public transport (Sorgenfri Station).