Research and study

In Greater Copenhagen, we turn science into business. We encourage and foster new, smarter ways to achieve excellent results through close collaboration and open dialogue. This is why we have been able to create ground-breaking research and nurture global market leaders within our fields of strength.

We bring young talent, professors and business professionals together, creating a melting pot of ideas and solutions, because everyone recognises the power of co-operation and knowledge exchange. As a result, our research creates an impact and grow into something that truly makes a difference. Would you like to join?

Study to create solutions for the real world

The education system in Greater Copenhagen, which is free for all citizens, is designed to promote innovation and creativity as well as analytical and critical thinking. These globally valued skills provide a strong foundation for your future career. 

You can expect world-class education in areas such as IT, engineering, life sciences, social sciences and design. In Greater Copenhagen, higher education is focused on creating solutions for the real world, and traditional lectures are often combined with industry collaborations. Many educational programmes also offer the opportunity to do an internship with an organisation or business, enabling you to apply your knowledge to real-life challenges.

Teaching methods promote your ability to use what you have learned and to turn new theoretical knowledge into real world solutions.
Many universities and higher education institutions offer several programmes in English. If you want to know more about studying in Greater Copenhagen, here is a good place to start: and

Science parks with excellent university-industry cooperation

Greater Copenhagen has 17 science parks and 17 universities and university colleges, renowned for excellent university-industry cooperation.

As a student or researcher in Greater Copenhagen, you will be part of a learning environment of high academic standards where you can learn from experienced tutors as well as from innovative industry research projects. 

International student networks 

If you are an international student in Greater Copenhagen, there are several initiatives to help you find a job and build networks locally.

The Youth Goodwill Ambassador network is a career platform for international students and companies in Denmark, addressing the need for highly educated young talent in Danish businesses. It aims to increase the number of international full-degree students from Danish universities that finds full-time employment with Danish companies and organisations after completing their studies.

The Greater Copenhagen Career Program aims at gearing international students for a career in one of the many companies and organisations in Denmark looking for employees with global skills. It is a 6-month mentoring and networking programme for international full-degree students in Greater Copenhagen and candidates who have graduated from a Danish educational institution within the last 6 months. 

The purpose of both programmes is to help international students to:

  • Gain knowledge of the Danish labour market.
  • Get tools for job search.
  • Better use networking as a career strategy.
  • Meet Danish companies through different activities.