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World’s best work-life balance

The working culture in Greater Copenhagen is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and a work-life balance that WEF has named the best in the world. In Greater Copenhagen, you can have an interesting job, pursue your career ambitions and be an attentive parent – without compromising your salary.

You will have time to spare as well as money to spend. Not having to worry about spending too little time with your family is one of the main reasons why most expats say that living in Denmark is so great. No wonder the Danes consider themselves some of the happiest people in the world!


“She had ‘HENTE BØRN’ written in her calendar every day at 3.45pm and I kept wondering, ‘Who is this guy? How come she runs off from work to see him each afternoon?’ I was picturing some secret liaison with a Mads Mikkelsen-alike. Then I got the Google Translate app-”


“-Turns out it means ‘pick up the kids’ in Danish. Shame...”

Read the Helen Russell's full article “We’re trusted to do a good job, then leave”: why the Danes finish work on time, every single day" about her experiences with the Danish work-life culture.

Work-life balance

Photo: Tuala Hjarnø