Green transition

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New green solutions are vital to the future of the world


The climate crisis is the single biggest challenge the world is facing. Climate change is picking up speed, temperatures are rising faster than ever before and resultant extreme weather events such as floods, drought and hurricanes have become part of daily life – globally and in Greater Copenhagen.

This transition to sustainability in our economy and consumption patterns poses a colossal challenge, which demands new knowledge, behaviour changes and new technology. The transition will be difficult and expensive. But it also presents an opportunity to develop the technology and solutions of the future and to anchor a bigger share of Greater Copenhagen’s economy in a green transition.

From Kalundborg in the West to Kristianstad in the East, Greater Copenhagen has already established a strong position when it comes to a green transition. This needs further work, though. In November 2020, Greater Copenhagen has launched a political strategy for green transitioning and sustainable growth. This will be a strategy that will support businesses and public organisations that are interested in and capable of carrying out green solutions and working with green technology.

We want to make Greater Copenhagen one of the leading metropolitan regions for knowledge and innovation within green transitioning. In cooperation with the governments of Denmark and Sweden, EU and STRING, we are building the green metropolis of the future.


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