Life Science

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An important source of health and welfare

Life Science is an industrial and research strength in Greater Copenhagen and an important source of welfare and employment, now and going forward. Therefore, to continue developing the region’s life science sector is a central element in Greater Copenhagen’s efforts to preserve and strengthen the welfare and competitiveness of the metropolis.

Global crises like climate change and the current corona pandemic are increasingly exposing weaknesses and evidence the need for a resistant economy and healthcare system in order to guarantee health and stable welfare for the region. By taking the lead in the Life Sciences area, both our economy and healthcare sector will be strengthened.

Greater Copenhagen’s member organisations already run world-class healthcare systems, and therefore the region has a solid base of private businesses that are leading in their respective fields as well as public institutions that deliver high-quality healthcare.

Through pilot projects, alliances and by attracting expertise and investments, Greater Copenhagen is working to develop and support the region’s professional and research stronghold in Life Science.

Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen


Through pilot projects, alliances and attracting expertise and investment, Greater Copenhagen is working to develop and strengthen the region's business and research strengths in life sciences.