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Meet a couple of our startups looking to hire

If you'd like to work for an onrushing Danish tech startup, the good news is that many of them are hiring. Check them out yourself or sign up with your CV and we'll begin matching your professional profile with the current and future open positions.

Airtame logo


We are looking for great software engineers who are passionate about technologies.



Looking mainly for engineering (electro, mech, aero, robotics, programming) student internships.

Queue-it logo


Queue-it is looking for talented students for our Business Development Representative role.


We are looking for Data Scientist (fulltime & Interns) and Embedded Hardware Developer (Interns)



Looking for a Unity developer with strong understanding of C# and the Unity development pipeline.

Snowminds logo

Snowminds and Skimundi

Looking for interns within marketing, social media, communication, business and web development.

New Banking logo

New Banking

We are looking for backend developers, frontend developers and Dev Ops specialists.

CluedIn Logo


We are looking for energetic and results driven inside sales team members in our sales group.



We're looking for business and tech students to join our growth and development teams.



Looking for top-performers to ensure that customer insights become a part of companies’ processes.



We are on a mission to make business spending joyful and smooth for the entire team.

Plant Jammer logo

Plant Jammer

Front-end developer with skills in React Native and a hack for design



Looking for talented machine learning engineer to be our intersection of research and applied Ai.

Flow loop logo

Flow Loop

We are looking for an electronic control systems/IoT developer and a market analyst & business innovator.

Tonsser logo


We are looking for a User Loyalty Intern who will be handling our most important task, which is our users.

Hooves logo


Looking for a CTO/lead app dev. & build up tech team and a marketing manager to strategize create & track.

Harba logo


Harba is looking for a sales manager who can help our young and passionate salespeople get even more awesome.

Brain+ logo


Seeking talented and developers, designers, animators, growth hackers – Care for your brain and join us!

Soundboks logo


We are looking for a Community Manager & Acoustic Engineer.

Norlase logo


We are looking for people within these 3 positions: mechanical engineering, regulatory affairs and sales & distribution

Greater Copenhagen Start-up

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