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We are looking for great software engineers who are passionate about technologies.

We’re passionate about wireless technology. Why? Because it’s a challenging terrain and we love a good challenge! Airtame started out as a record-¬breaking crowdfunding campaign in 2014 during which we raised a total of $1.3M. Since then, we’ve grown into a company with 55 people and have shipped more than 40,000 devices. We are based in windy Copenhagen, but have an office in NYC that takes care of our U.S. customers. As for our customers, we’re proud to say we’ve helped everyone from schools and businesses to sports teams, artists, and even a 12th century old church.

Our talented engineers are given significant ownership and responsibility over projects. We value rapid iteration, continuous integration and testing, and we are serious about producing high-quality, maintainable software. Frequent code reviews, linting, and pairing are all integral components of our engineering culture. We encourage experimenting with new technologies and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our code, processes, and systems.

Our development team is generally broken down into smaller teams that focus on different aspects of an Airtame: Core, Firmware, Widget, Web, Infrastructure, and Cloud:

  • CORE - The team writing the video streaming software that runs on the Airtame devices and on the computer side. It is the magic bit that captures the screen of your desktop and sends it over WiFi to your Airtame-powered screen. We work with C/C++, git, Gerrit, Jenkins, A/V codecs, networking, OpenGLES/EGL, open-source, and so much more.
  • FIRMWARE - The team in charge of hardware and connectivity-related issues. We mainly work with C, Bash, and JS.
  • SOFTWARE - The team that writes the software that connects all the components of the application together on the computer side. This means connecting the components that discover the device on the network and the ability to stream. We display the result through a modern UI. We work with Javascript/NodeJS, ES6, Electron, C/C++, HTML/SCSS, HTTP/REST, git, Gerrit, Jenkins, open-source, and more.
  • WEB - The team that takes care of making the website and the shopping experience awesome. We mainly work with React, Handlebars, Express, and SASS.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE - We are basing our infrastructure on well known, proven technologies such as Ansible for configuration management, Jenkins for continuous integration, Graylog for log analysis and other great open source projects including Ganeti, MMonit and PfSense.
  • CLOUD - We make it easier to manage large Airtame deployments by providing a web interface for monitoring and managing an organization's devices. Our frontend is built using React + Redux, with Go, MySQL and Redis Pub/Sub on the backend.

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