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Seeking talented and developers, designers, animators, growth hackers – Care for your brain and join us!

We are looking for talented and driven UX designers, growth hackers, machine learning & AI engineers, business development, software engineers, 3D and 2D artists, animators, designers, game developers, and cognitive scientists. 

Caring for the brain is important for everyone, regardless of age or health. From the moment you are born and throughout life the way your brain is cared for determines the quality of your life. So take great care of your Brain!

At Brain+ we create effective and clinically validated apps designed with the specific purpose of caring for your brain’s health and its ability to function at its best.

Our role is to bring you the inspiration and innovation to care for your brain, your role is to learn about your brain and to make it a priority to care for your brain. Taking better care of your brain means a better life for yourself and everyone around you. We care about your brain, do you?

Our mission: To bring inspiration and innovation to make every person in the world care for their brain.

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