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Flow Loop

We are looking for an electronic control systems/IoT developer and a market analyst & business innovator.

Flow Loop is a plug&play shower panel that is able to save up to 90% water and 80% energy, while providing a higher the flow than a standard shower and thereby also providing more comfort. This is achieved by constantly micro-filtering, UV-purifying and circulating the shower water directly from the existing shower floor.

The shower panel saves an average family about 5.000 DKK/year on water and energy. Flow Loop has a patent pending retrofit solution for easy installation in existing shower spaces. The micro-filters are self-cleaning and the integrated ultrasonic descaler also significantly reduces problems with calcium build-up in the shower space.

Flow Loop is located in Cph and has a passionated team of 5. We are currently user-testing beta-versions and getting documentation of efficiency and water quality (DTU).

We are working on certifications and want to add an IOT service before going into first series production in early 2018.

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