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Harba is looking for a sales manager who can help our young and passionate salespeople get even more awesome.

Harba brings the freedom of the sea into the harbours. We do this by digitalizing tedious tasks for marina personnel and boaters.

Boaters always run the risk of getting into a harbour that is full and not getting a spot, and even if they do find berth they have to find a harbourmaster to pay or they will get awakened at sunrise next morning, by him knocking on their window.

We have made an app sailors can use to find sailing destinations and reserve and pay for berth.

Harbourmasters have to get up at sunrise to go around knocking on windows of boats, collecting money. On top of that, they have to manage all the permanent berth holders, often with filing cabinets and spreadsheets.

We have made a module based administration system for them.

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