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Looking for top-performers to ensure that customer insights become a part of companies’ processes.

We are looking for true top-performers, passionate about what they do, and driven by ensuring that customer insights become a natural part of companies’ decision-making and development processes. Either you are the best of best, or have the talent and ambition to be. We emphasize a high professional level, good colleagues and upbeat initiative. To create valuable results you will need a self-driven eagerness to exploit opportunities, and drive projects fast forward. With our fast expansion we are excited to welcome new colleagues in every department, - Growth & Strategy, Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, IT, Product Management and Product Development.

UserTribe is one the fastest growing and leading small data platforms in the world. Down to within 48 hours, we validate our customers' idea, product, or campaign with their target group – in any market, in any segment, and at any stage of the project cycle. We deliver video evidence of what real people think, say, and do when interacting with the solution, and provide our customers with prioritized recommendations for co-creating, developing, and optimizing.

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