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Greater Copenhagen is a collaborative organisation promoting growth and development in the largest Nordic metropolitan area, encompassing 4.4 million citizens in Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark.

Through a network of alliances, pilot projects and interest representation, we are laying the groundwork for the growth and welfare of the future. It is Greater Copenhagen’s ambition that our Danish-Swedish region will evolve into one of the world’s strongest and most attractive metropolitan regions for growth, innovation and sustainability. We are working to fulfil this ambition through various partnerships, which are the key to fostering development and innovation in Greater Copenhagen’s 85 municipalities and 4 regions. We are hard at work building alliances with universities, businesses and public authorities, at both regional and international levels.

Greater Copenhagen Summit 2022

On April 27, we held the Greater Copenhagen Summit 2022 at Copenhagen City Hall.

The summit's many presentations, debates and talks agreed that Greater Copenhagen's great potential is far from being realized. We must succeed in creating a fully integrated labor market across Øresund to ensure sustainable growth and development throughout the metropolitan region, and we must plan across borders to ensure an infrastructure that is strong and flexible enough to support a fully integrated labor market  and the heavy freight transport that will only intensify in the future when the Femern Belt-connection opens.

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Key areas

Greater Copenhagen has focused its efforts on four key areas which are essential to future growth and development.

The Greater Copenhagen Board

Greater Copenhagen’s activities are led by the political Board, The Greater Copenhagen Committee, with 18 representatives for the organisation’s 89 member organisations.

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen

Lord Mayor




Chairwoman of Greater Copenhagen

Carl Johan Sonesson

Regional Council
Region Skåne


Vice chairman of Greater Copenhagen

Mikaela Waltersson

Regional Council
Region Halland


Vice chairwoman of Greater Copenhagen

Heino Knudsen

Regional Council
Region Zealand




'Vice chairman of Greater Copenhagen

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